Independent Assessment of Quadrant Energy Harriet Joint Venture Assets.

The Challenge.

The objective was to furnish an internal comprehensive assessment of Quadrant's upcoming well and Plug & Abandonment (P&A) obligations. Over the next 3-5 years, were required to meticulously evaluated the abandonment liabilities for 52 wells, integrating well P&A cost estimates and risk assessments.

Why they choose us.

Quadrant Energy, seeking expert partners for a vast 110-field decommissioning project, invited RESL to join the competitive tendering process following a strong recommendation. Impressed by our track record and specialized capabilities in well abandonment, they recognized the added value RESL could bring to such a complex and large-scale endeavor.

What we did.

Our work encompassed pinpointing tailored abandonment methodologies for each well, devising cost estimates, and examining strategic opportunities for cost optimization, including regulatory discussions. Additionally, we conducted risk assessments, scheduling, and concluded with an extensive close-out workshop in collaboration with Quadrant.


Completed update of all P&A estimates to AACE clause 4 of select phase.

We were then asked to be come one of the two contractors to complete the work.