RESL has substantial experience in decommissioning various types of pipelines, both onshore and offshore. This includes tasks like removal, abandonment, and burial.

For all  pipeline types, whether located onshore or offshore, RESL provides comprehensive guidance.

The Challenge.

A variety of pipeline types exist, each presenting its unique challenges. RESL has extensive experience with the following types:
  • Trunk export lines
  • Flowlines Risers
  • Pipeline Bundles
  • Jumper flowlines
  • Jumper spools
  • Infield flowlines
  • Coiled tubing
  • Piggy-backs
  • Pipe-in-pipe

What we do.

For all pipeline types, both onshore and offshore, RESL provides expert guidance on crucial aspects of decommissioning.

This includes advising whether pipelines can remain in place or must be removed, evaluating all decommissioning options, selecting the most suitable methods, determining cleaning standards before abandonment, and managing hazardous materials from pipelines.