Global Decommissioning Actual Cost Benchmarking Study for ExxonMobil

RESL completed a 6-months global decommissioning removal and disposal actual cost benchmarking study for ExxonMobil in 2016.

Review of global portfolio and associated liability estimates, focused on comparative benchmarking of offshore fixed facilities – jackets, topsides etc. with data from >50 historical projects in North Sea, GoM, and SE Asia using the 25 year old RESL internal work history database of completed global decommissioning projects. The study was based on RESL's proprietary information, providing a unique collection of decommissioning platform removal and disposal actual costs. The study allowed for benchmarking of ExxonMobil's internal cost estimates towards actual historical projects. As part of the work, RESL identified key lessons learned from historical projects which can be used to avoid costly mistakes made in the past.  


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